She’s Not a Boy

“She’s Not a Boy” is the story of intersex woman who fled

Hut Tax (ca. 1902)

5 mins read

Before colonial rule, many African households survived on cattle ranching. These families stored their wealth in cattle and used them to pay

Chisora Versus Takam (ca. 2018)

1 min read

Dereck Chisora revitalises his career with an emphatic knockout win over Carlos Takam. Skip straight to the eighth round - 36:06 for

The Question of Rhodesia (ca. 1974)

2 mins read

William F. Buckley, Jr. and Rhodesian Primer Minister Ian Smith discuss the history of colonialism in Africa, the current state of Rhodesia's

Ti Gonzi – Mufaro Kwamuri

Ti Gonzi is a renowned Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist with over ten years in the music industry. He recently released his much-awaited album ,“Hip Hop Yeku Ghetto 2”. This two-sided album features a balance of Vernacular Shona and English Rap, with tracks such as

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Reading Zimbabwe

ReadingZimbabwe is an interactive digital library and archive mapping Zimbabwe's published history

Cecil Rhodes: King of Diamonds

3 mins read

Cecil John Rhodes (5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902) was a British mining magnate, and politician in southern Africa. He was prime minister of Cape Colony (1890 – 1896) and organiser of the giant diamond-mining company De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd.

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