Malcom Mufunde – Economy

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With hard-hitting rhymes, mesmerising beats, and soulful lyrics, Malcom Mufunde and YaadUniverse recently dropped their sophomore album, Economy. Displaying true craftsmanship, the album is made up of both punchlines and intricate wordplay. It seamlessly highlights the social and political issues facing Zimbabwe today through stories told from Malcom’s perspective as well as those of his friends and strangers alike.

With such delicate yet powerful storytelling, Economy is sure to make any listener squeal with joy–a feeling that only a proud parent would know at the sight of their son or daughter excelling. Malcom Mufunde has certainly surpassed expectations with this work, fully living up to his reputation for never failing to deliver quality projects.

Showcasing evolutionary sound from Malcom’s debut mixtape in 2014, the project is a brilliant collection of hip-hop influenced by culture and politics that reflects the times we live in. Each song in this immersive album brings fresh perspectives celebrating black intelligence. Compelling lyricism ties it all together as Mufunde continues to build on the momentum he’s earned over the past few years with critically acclaimed projects such as “Dreams and Pains” and “Dreams End Pains” (2015-16) and 2018’s “BARD”.

Economy illustrates both Mufunde’s growth as an artist, as well as YaadUniverse’s eagerness to expand its audience and push boundaries. Out now for your listening pleasure, Economy is an essential listen for any fan of great hip-hop music.

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