Enzo Ishall – Ndanzvenga 

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There’s no end in sight for Enzo Ishall’s hot streak. After five successful years, he just might be the most consistent artist we’ve seen in ZimDancehall. Just when you think his track is winding down, wham! Ndanzvenga arrives and confirms the suspicions of many – this guy has got something special. He may not have blessed us with an album yet but hopefully, when he is ready to take that plunge, it will be worth the wait and all our hopes are not misplaced.

In his latest body of work, Ndanzvenga, Enzo Ishall has made it explicitly clear that he’s not only a target for predatory behavior but also savvy enough to recognize and successfully avoid these types of relationships. Blending an infectious beat with his signature witty lyricism, the song conveys a meaningful parable about evading backstabbers and recognizing those who aim to exploit with the agenda of financial gain. His resilient spirit encased in melodic soundscapes makes it altogether fitting that Enzo Ishall is the one telling this story – kukurukura hunge wapotswa! Loosely translated: watch out lest you be taken advantage of. With this song, it seems the popular artist has set the tone for a paradigm-shift – proving that he is never too far away from faking admirers and exaltation – rather he leads a march for peace and abstinence from manipulation.

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