Love Shouldn’t Hurt – Winky D, Freeman, Amara Brown, Holy Ten, Sandra Ndebele & Hwabarant 

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Six of Zimbabwe’s biggest stars have combined their talents to create a powerful song dedicated to ending Gender-Based Violence (GBV). By collaborating with a strong line-up of talented musicians like Winky D, Freeman, Ammara Brown, Sandra Ndebele, Holy Ten and Hwabaraty, Populations Solutions for Health Zimbabwe has managed to create the ultimate GBV anthem: “Love Shouldn’t Hurt.” And it’s not just all talk either – they’re pushing people to take action by speaking out whenever they encounter signs of or experience gender-based violence. So if you believe in the cause, make sure to share the song and message with your friends and family. It’s time we all do our bit to help spread the word and put a stop to GBV.

Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Everyone deserves a loving, safe relationship — no one should ever feel scared in their own home! Here to help is Love Shouldn’t Hurt, a safe space for men and women in Zimbabwe. Love Shouldn’t Hurt provides professional advice and access to networks which allow people in toxic relationships to find solutions outside of violence. With professional help on your side, you no longer have to pull out your hair when an argument arises; instead you now can turn towards understanding each other and finding peaceful solutions that promote confidence within the relationship.

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