Mugabe’s Gamble (ca. 1981)

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On a recent trip to Zimbabwe, respected journalist Julian Manyon and his team from Thames Television’s “TV Eye” had the opportunity to sit down with Robert Mugabe, the newly elected Prime Minister. During their conversation, Mugabe spoke at length about his plans to turn Zimbabwe into a one-party state.

When asked about the potential effects of this policy on the new state, Mugabe was quick to defend his position. He argued that a one-party state would provide stability and continuity in the government, something that he felt was essential for a young country like Zimbabwe. While Manyon and his team did not agree with Mugabe’s politics, they couldn’t help but be impressed by his passion and conviction. It is clear that Mugabe is a powerful leader with a vision for his country’s future. Only time will tell if his plan to turn Zimbabwe into a one-party state will be successful.

Thames Television’s This Week

This Week was a ground-breaking current affairs program produced by Thames Television in the UK. Running from 1968 to 1992, it was renowned for its comprehensive coverage of international issues and its in-depth interviews with leading figures from politics, business, and academia. The show was also notable for its use of cutting-edge technology, which allowed it to produce innovative visual effects and graphics. Although it is no longer on the air, This Week remains an important part of British television history, and its legacy can be seen in modern programs like BBC Newsnight.

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