Performing Arts

Mvenge Mvenge Ezomgido

Asaph Ft Msiz'kay - Asipheli Moya

Asaph – Asipheli Moya (feat. Msiz’kay)

Listen how can I stay sane / When the only choice for a hustler is corona or hunger / And ain’t nobody looking out for our welfare Asaph Song Asipheli Moya Artist


Thursday Live Sessions with Leonard Mapfumo

Before samplers and synthesizers were a part of hip-hop’s fundamental equation, artists recorded with live bands in the studio.Watch Leonard Mapfumo perform backed by Those Guys Vacho and special guests.

Tocky Vibes - Villagers Money Vol 1

Tocky Vibes – Binga

Why clothes are so expensive, when they cost very little to make? Tocky Vibes wants to know.

Poptain - Munhu WeNyama

Poptain – Munhu Wenyama

Lord Forgive me if I ever use mi voice / Ina wrong way / Bless me and beautify mi voice more mek it touch more hearts / Bless my parents / Please

R.Peels - God My Therapist

R.Peels – Moto (feat. Ti Gonzi)

Watch as R.Peels and T- Gonzi set fire to a Make Made Magic-produced track from Mwana Wa Pharaoh's third studio, God My Therapist.


Houz Of Gruv #5

Something for the women that inspire and challenge us — our mothers, sisters, and daughters.


Houz Visit #19

Watch Peggie Shangwa, the founder of Page Poetry Alive and Digi Poems, perform UMind?!

Ahsayn Da Beatmaker - Algorhythm Album Cover

Ahsayn Beatmaker naSharky – Mandipe

Mandipe is the story of an orphan who is kidnapped by a mermaid, and without a family to miss him is quickly forgotten. Years later he returns from the underworld with supernatural

Chamhembe Volume 1

The Chamhembe Story

The history of Zimbabwean music is incomplete without mentioning "vapfanha vemaCD”.


Houz Visit #21

Houz Visit #21 with singer-songwriter Nokutenda Kutirai on the vocals and acoustic guitar.


Mbira: Spirit Of The People (ca. 1990)

From traditional rituals of music and dance, through the stirring choruses of the liberation war, to the songs of the popular stars and farmers' choirs today, the people of Zimbabwe present their


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