Black Umfolosi at Shrewsbury Folk Festival (ca. 2022)

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Prepare to be mesmerized by the delightful spectacle that is Black Umfolosi! This award-winning acapella vocal group, initially formed in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is named after the Umfolozi Omnyama River and finds its roots steeped in the traditional song and dance of their native Southern Africa.

Adorned in traditional regalia and singing melodic harmonies blended with intricate rhythms accentuated by clicking and clapping, you can’t help but feel your heart pounding from their thrilling choreography ranging from graceful subtlety to powerful stomping and leaping! Nothing beats witnessing this incredible bod of talented artists who have charmed audiences all around the world with their passion and emotion.

Their performances are nothing short of dynamic – combining a gentleness of spirit, soulful harmonies and dynamic choreography with an enthusiasm that embodies the African spirit. And their distinct clicking and clapping provides a rich tapestry of sound that lifts the audience from subtle movements to vibrant stomping and leaping! So jump on board for a spirited ride with Black Umfolosi for an unforgettable performance rooted in musings from down under.

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