Muroyi Ndiani? (Who Is The Witch?)

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What does a family do when a child starts hearing voices and acts strange? Filmmaker Lawrie Zidyana’s documentary looks back at how his family dealt with a mystery that dominated his life growing up in Zimbabwe. Muroyi Ndiani? (Who Is The Witch?) won the Best Diaspora category of THE BIOSKOP Short Film Competition by the European Film Festival Zimbabwe. 

European Film Festival Zimbabwe

The online European Film Festival aims to be a magic mirror that we can use to jointly get through the current challenging times we are witnessing. The festival displays the variety and the complexity of the European Union’s culture through innovative film programming, opening up paths for further fruitful interpersonal and cultural relationships. We hope this virtual festival will contribute to making the film sector a key driver for dialogue, especially in the current situation, where culture and creativity have become more important than ever.

The Bioskop Short Film Competition

2020 was the inaugural year of THE BIOSKOP Short Film Competition by the European Film Festival Zimbabwe and it was held under the theme ‘Life as we DON’T know it!’ The competition called upon Zimbabwean filmmakers to think outside the box and offer a fresh perspective on life amid COVID-19 and in the realm of limited resources.

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