Ti Gonzi – Mufaro Kwamuri

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Ti Gonzi is a renowned Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist with over ten years in the music industry. He recently released his much-awaited album ,“Hip Hop Yeku Ghetto 2”. This two-sided album features a balance of Vernacular Shona and English Rap, with tracks such as Pachi Hipi Hopu, Tsom Tsom Nomore & Mufaro Kwamuri. Through this new release, Gonzi shows true artistry by using a wide range of instrumentals and vocal styles to really bring his distinct flavour of Zimbabwean Hip Hop to life. Alongside his outstanding production quality, he also manages to capture diverse guest appearances from Anita Jackson, Salma Mutukudzi and Saudi but yet still avoiding over reliance on featured artists which makes this album one truly inspiring hip hop record for not just Zimbabweans but fans all across the globe.

Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto, Volume 2

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