Chisora Versus Takam (ca. 2018)

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Chisora versus Takam was definitely a Fight Of The Year contender for 2018. Let’s just jump straight to the eighth round – 36:06 for the knockout – because that’s the one that matters.

All you need to know about the preceding seven rounds is that Chisora spent a sustained amount of time squeezed between the ropes in his own corner. Cue two Hail Mary right hands that changed the course of the round, the fight and Chisora’s position in the heavyweight division.

The first was sickening: a beamer of an overhand right thrown much like Lasith Malinga out in the middle, which crashed into Takam’s temple and saw him drop in a peculiarly vertical line to the canvas, like a man sinking wearily into his seat. But it was the second which ultimately proved significant, another hurtful overhand right, only this time administered to Takam’s chin for maximum impact.

After throwing it Chisora took two steps back as if managing the recoil of a shotgun. Takam simply slid onto his back, with Howard Foster, the referee, waving off the contest without a count.

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