Houz Of Gruv #5

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This episode is for the women that inspire and challenge us — our mothers, sisters, and daughters.

With an all female band, Trust Samende performs a rendition of Takangodaro by Killer T.

This is our first episode with an all female band and we thought it fitting to release it during women’s month. Being female in a predominantly male industry comes with its challenges and we have been privileged to work with these women.

In order to celebrate female creatives, we have to be intentional about showcasing their work and their talent.

To the women that had courage and strength to pave the way for younger generations... thank you. And to those starting out;

"Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations." - Mae Jemison

Houz Of Gruv

Houz Of Gruv by Houz Of Gruv Studios

Houz Of Gruv is an online series for Zimbabwean musicians showcase some of their work backed by a live band at the Houz of Gruv Studios – a rehearsal and production studio for local artists.

Houz Of Gruv

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