Collin Ceezy – Ghetto Riri Mandiri

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On his latest mixtape, Ghetto Riri Mandiri, Collin Ceezy has pushed his trap era sound to the next level. His ability to combine hard-hitting street tales with snappy and well-crafted beats is truly remarkable. Listening to him switch between plain-spoken verses and lightly melodic choruses is a pleasure, while the basslines provide an energetic backbone for the whole project. Ceezy draws from his roots on this album and it certainly shows in his lyrics and musicality; but thankfully he isn’t content to simply rest on them – instead he implements enough twists and turns so that Ghetto Riri Mandiri stands out from its peers. This combined with various collaborations create an exciting release that’s sure to bring more attention to Ceezy’s lyrical prowess and production skills.

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