Tauyanaye (Remix) – David Chifunyise (feat. Tamara, Sniper & Iyaah) (ca. 2001)

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David Chifunyise’s “Tauyanaye (Remix)” is a fun song that infuses traditional African melodies with modern pop rap. It features Tamara, Sniper, and Iyaah, who each bring their own style to the track. It’s clear why these three different artist styles created such a hit – each artist carries an infectious energy that blends perfectly with the melodic beats of David Chifunyise. Full of wit and creativity, “Tauyanaye (Remix)” is the perfect combination of classic instruments and sassy rap verses that offer you something unique each time you listen.

About David Chifunyise

Chifunyise was destined for greatness from a young age – even as a high school student in Vainona he was already making moves in the music industry. Already part of a compilation album called “The Future,” produced by legendary producer Delani Makhalima and under his Shamiso Entertainment studios, Chifunyise hit the ground running. His song “Tauya Naye” featuring award-winning Sniper Storm became an instant hit that topped the Power FM charts and made him a household name before he even graduated! It’s no wonder why Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation TV and Channel O were so generous with the video to the song – it was just that good! But Chifunyise had only just begun.

In 2002 he released his first album “Tauya Naye” with other juggernauts such as ‘Sarudzai’ and ‘Maheu’ rounding out the collection. He brought a refreshing mix of urban swagger and local vernacular to his rhymes, making him stand out from the crowd. His signature look of a cap turned backwards and his unique greeting — “Yo, yo, yo…” — made him a star. But he was no ordinary rapper; he had style and grace and could rap even the most complex of ideas in an easily understandable manner. However, it wasn’t just these skills that made David such an influential figure — it was his commitment to representing the unique culture of Zimbabwe that made his music so special. As one of the few rappers who saw appreciation for rapping in native dialect, David left a lasting legacy behind.

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