Innocent Utsiwegota – My Dreams (feat. Major E & Marvin S)

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Who doesn’t love a great song? You know them, you love them, and according to some, they’re an entire musical genre that’s in danger of melting away like freezit on a scorching summer day. In the words of Shawn Corey Carter, a great song doesn’t attempt to be anything — it just is.

The Urban Grooves scene produced an incredible number of great songs – and since changes in technology has made it all readily available, we’re now able to hear more of it than ever before. In the late noughties, Innocent Utsiwegota crossed over in a major way with My Dreams featuring Major E and Malvin S. Press play for a stroll down memory lane with some hard-hitting production punctuated by a catchy chorus and suave rhymes.

Innocent Utsiwegota – My Dreams (feat. Major E & Marvin S)

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