Nestle Cerevita TV Advert (ca. 1997)

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Nestle Cerevita is one of those iconic breakfast foods that brings back all kinds of memories for Zimbabweans far and wide. 

There are certain things that might stand out from your childhood: favourite songs, TV shows, memories from family holidays. But there’s something about Nestle Cerevita that can sum up an era and bring back a wave of nostalgia in a single bite.

Breakfast cereals are making something of a comeback, after spending years in the wilderness due to high sugar content levels and the associated bad press. But now they are in vogue once again, with cafes popping up selling only cereal, along with a wide selection of milk and toppings to accompany your choice. So we decided to take a trip back to 1997 when the Cerevita advert premiered on Zimbabwean airways.

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