Wenger Out

Wenger Out, Mugabe Too (ca. 2017)

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Today in Zimbabwean history with the world watching protests unfolding across the country, demonstrators seized the opportunity to demand two leaders’ exit from power. One was an aging leader criticised for clinging onto power for too long, and the other was Robert Mugabe.

Arsenal fans in Zimbabwe were spotted holding aloft “Wenger Out” placards at a protest against Robert Mugabe’s regime in Harare. Thousands of people marched through Zimbabwe’s capital to demand the removal of 93-year-old Mugabe after more than four decades in power.

But a handful of people in the crowd used the occasion to instead call for the sacking of Arsenal’s longest-serving manager Arsene Wenger, who was appointed in 1996. Several protesters held up placards which read “Wenger Out” as they marched through the streets with jubilant crowds.

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