More Time (ca. 1993)

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Thandi is only a teenager, ready for anything and ripe enough for love. She is a girl flirting with womanhood and the township beckons. But she still has to find out the dangers when David, the schoolboy Mister Charming, coolly sweeps her off her feet. As her life spins out of control and beyond her parent’s reach, Thandi has to learn that playing with love may mean playing with her life. The film shows what happens to a township girl when she realizes that falling in love is not simple. The dangers involved are not just unwanted pregnancies. In a time of AIDS, it is about life itself.

About The Director

Isaac Mabhikwa was born in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, in 1962. After completing courses in business administration in 1984, he studied film technique and direction in Harare and Canada. For a time, he even supported himself as a stunt-actor in foreign films shot in Zimbabwe. Since 1987, he has worked as an assistant director and editor on numerous films, including Chris Menges’ A World Apart. His first feature film, More Time, won the Feature Film Prize at the South African Film Festival in 1993.

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