Neria (ca. 1993)

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Neria is happily married, she sews clothing and lives in the city with her family. When her husband is killed in a car crash Neria finds that his family make use of tradition to exploit her.


Neria is a feature-length drama portraying the problems African women face when widowed, an issue so close to the heart of every African woman, her children and her family. It is a rare 1990s portrayal of the agency of the Zimbabwean women and their ability to effect change for themselves and in their communities.

In the film, Patrick (Emmanuel Mbirimi) and Neria (Jesesi Mungoshi) through shared hard work and resourcefulness, have built a comfortable home, good life and family in the city. But when their loving and equal partnership ends with a tragic death of Patrick, Neria’s nightmare begins.


Patrick’s brother, Phineas (Dominic Kanaventi), the villain in the film, helps himself to their car, bank book, furniture and house. He takes advantage of tradition to suite his own needs, making no effort to take care of his late brother’s family. Phineas claims that tradition and law are on his side. Neria watches helplessly at first but later decides she must fight back. In desperation she seeks legal justice and intelligently fights for her rights.

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