A Settlement Under Fire (ca. 1978)

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A Settlement Under Fire


It is half way through Rhodesia’s most important year. Premier Ian Smith has pledged to hand over power before December 31st 1978 in the country’s first one-man-one-vote election. Meanwhile, an interim government comprising Mr. Smith himself and three moderate black leaders is running Rhodesia, until it  becomes independent Zimbabwe. Their “Internal Settlement” though is under fire – quite literally – from the guerrillas of ZANU and ZAPU, the constituent parties of the Patriotic Front. Mr. Smith’s plan is to protect the rights of the whites and the chance of an orderly transition, if the guerrillas will let him.

Roving Report

Roving Report, ITNs first half-hour long current affairs programme, was inaugurated in the spring of 1957. The forerunner of ITN’s flagship News at 10, into which it was eventually absorbed in 1964, it initially operated on a shoestring budget with a brief to cover foreign affairs on the ground.

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