Post-Geneva Report Rhodesia (ca. 1977)

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For five years African nationalist guerrillas have been waging a bush war with the ruling white minority in Rhodesia. Mr. Ian Smith has survived economic sanctions and his illegal regime has prospered in the face of opposition from the British Government. But as all his neighbouring countries achieved independence and their black governments piled on the pressure by supporting the guerrilla movements, Mr. Smith realised the time had come to settle the issue of black majority rule before time ran out for the Rhodesian whites. This report looks at conditions inside Rhodesia for the blacks, on the verge of power, and the whites, under a state of semi-siege.

Roving Report

Roving Report, ITNs first half-hour long current affairs programme, was inaugurated in the spring of 1957. The forerunner of ITN’s flagship News at 10, into which it was eventually absorbed in 1964, it initially operated on a shoestring budget with a brief to cover foreign affairs on the ground.

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