Economic War (ca 1986)

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The Front-Line States are those that border South Africa. They are Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Angola. They are so named because they are on the front lines of the battle against apartheid.

The Front-Line States are doing what they can to protect themselves from the economic war South Africa is waging against them, but they are at a disadvantage. South Africa is trying to force them to submit to its will by blockading their ports and trade routes. The Beira Corridor is the only route that the Front-Line States have to transport their goods to the outside world. The Front-Line States are determined to keep it open.

This Week travelled down the Beira Corridor where thousands of Zimbabwean troops guard the vital two hundred miles of railroad and pipeline between their country and the Indian Ocean. The Beira Corridor is two hundred miles long and runs from Beira, Mozambique to Harare, Zimbabwe. It is essential for trade, and both Zimbabwe and Mozambique have invested heavily in their security. But it is a constant target for attack by South African-backed rebels, and the threat of closure is always present. 

Thames Television’s This Week

This Week was a ground-breaking current affairs program produced by Thames Television in the UK. Running from 1968 to 1992, it was renowned for its comprehensive coverage of international issues and its in-depth interviews with leading figures from politics, business, and academia. The show was also notable for its use of cutting-edge technology, which allowed it to produce innovative visual effects and graphics. Although it is no longer on the air, This Week remains an important part of British television history, and its legacy can be seen in modern programs like BBC Newsnight.

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