Memory Lane

Ndafunga Dande

More Time (ca. 1993)

Thandi is a teenager, ready for anything and ripe for love. She's flirting with womanhood and the township beckons. As her life spins out of control, Thandi has to learn that playing

Chamhembe Volume 1

The Chamhembe Story

The history of Zimbabwean music is incomplete without mentioning "vapfanha vemaCD”.


Mbira: Spirit Of The People (ca. 1990)

From traditional rituals of music and dance, through the stirring choruses of the liberation war, to the songs of the popular stars and farmers' choirs today, the people of Zimbabwe present their

Mazowe Boys High School – Form 2 Class Of 2000.

Everyone’s Second Favourite F-word (ca. 2000)

It was just another day with the Mazowe Boys High School, Form 2 Class of 2000. The day sandwiched between mince-meat-and-eggs-for-breakfast Saturday, and beef-and-potatoes-for-dinner Thursday.

Peter Ndlovu

Liverpool FC 2 – Peter Ndlovu 3 (ca. 1995)

Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure and Samuel Eto’o, amongst others, have all played in the Premier League, but Ndlovu was unmistakably the first black player in the English Premier League.


Air Zimbabwe TV Advert (ca. 1988)

Some TV ads are made to last. Some not. One that has stayed in our mind - and yours, we’re sure - is the Air Zimbabwe TV advert from the late 80s.